Branding Kiev

May 28, 2007

I recently returned from a very interesting and vibrant city where one doesnít expect to find vibrancy ñ Kiev, Ukraine. To have a corporate branding conference in an economy where public companies are few and far between may seem unusual, but the capitalistic energy and enthusiasm for the subject was quite evident.

I gave a workshop and a speech during the two-day conference. The participants were energized and hungry for information about branding, advertising, public relations, measurement and management of brands. Their questions were knowledgeable and I found the interchange with the attendees to be stimulating. 

Also attending the conference from the US was Ron Alsop, the reporter from The Wall Street and author. We took one bus tour together where the guides were Boris and Natasha ñ we thought they were joking, but evidently were not!

The conference was organized by a newly formed professional events agency called, Speak Up Ukraine, which is run by Dr. Mikhail Krikunov, Ph.D., Academic Vice President and Aleksey Chuiev, Managing Director. Mikhail was intimately involved with every aspect of the event. He even interpreted my workshop for the attendees since he felt the hired interpreter might not be able to communicate the technical aspects of branding!


They also supplied a wonderful guide to take my wife and I touring for two days in Kiev. This was a very special highlight for us as we got to see and explore a city that we had not experienced previously.

Kiev is experiencing a very special time in its own evolution ñ the discovery of the power of branding for business and politics as well as its own unique brand as a city!

--James Gregory

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