JetBlue — Still Figuring It Out

March 16, 2007

Who can blame JetBlue for canceling flights before the first snowflakes fall when a big storm is expected. They got burned in the last winter storm fiasco so they are looking to be in front of this one. However, the mechanics of their cancellation proceedures still need some fine tuning before Iíll say that they have fixed the problem. Hereís how it went down for me this morning.

I was supposed to be on flight 132 from Ft. Myers to JFK this morning. I checked the website and saw that the flight was canceled. There was no online ìnext step.î  The only thing online relating to the canceled flight was, ìIf you would like to cancel your flight and receive a credit for future travel on JetBlue, click here.î Well, OK, I tried that. Unfortunately, when I went through the process it said flight 132 wasnít affected by the weather. So, I called the booking number and a recording came on that said, due to the storm that it would be 20 minutes before someone could get to me. OK, I can wait 20 minutes...I finally gave up after 2 hours and 45 minutes on hold.

In the meantime I rebooked the flight on, but paid top price and couldnít use any of my credit for the canceled flight. Plus, I missed the two meetings that were the reason I needed to fly in the first place.

I still love JetBlue and Iíd rather fly them than any other airline. It just surprises me that every airline seems to fall completely apart when any weather event happens. The airline that can figure out how to provide real customer service during an event will gain a lot of loyal customers. Iíd bet that JetBlue will be the first to do it, but they are not there yet.

--James Gregory

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