Hello, BearingPoint!

February 27, 2007

Brand building for a professional services firm is always a difficult challenge. How do you build a brand when the brand goes home each night?

Well, thatís precisely the point: You build a brand for a professional services firm by focusing on the people.

A company that gets this is BearingPoint. (Full disclosure, BearingPoint is a CoreBrand client.) BearingPoint re-launched its brand on Monday, built on their positioning as a management and technology consultant. Yes, the new brand grows from the results the company delivers and the approach the firm follows. But it also celebrates that passion of the people that make up the organization.

For BearingPoint, its brand is its 17,000 people. And a large part of the branding program focuses on creating a consistent global culture.

BearingPoint Annual Report

The BearingPoint brand may have launched on Monday. But the branding programóbringing the people along on the brand journeyóhas been underway for more than 18 months. And it will continue every day in the future.

Karl Barnhart  -- kbarnhart@corebrand.com

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