JetBlue — All is Forgiven

February 20, 2007

I’d rather fly jetBlue on a bad day than any other airline on their best day. OK, so thatís a slight exaggeration, but Iím a loyal fan of jetBlue and believe their recent system implosion as a result of the Valentineís Day ice storm is simply an anomaly.

Customers understand weather problems. What they donít understand is why a weather event will continue to impact an airline for days after the event. So what happened? There were not enough people to jump in to help. Pilots were not available and planes were out of position. This is an indication of an airline that is growing so fast that it might have outgrown its infrastructure. No question, it was a mighty bad situation for the customers. Anyone who travels a lot knows the frustration at being stuck on a plane with no information and no alternatives. However, I firmly trust David Neelman, when he offers a bill of rights and promises that they will do better. jetBlue has set the standard of service for airlines over the past several years, Iím betting that it will continue to set the standard of service in the future.

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