Driving Brand Equity and Accountability

October 27, 2005

It is no coincidence that Jim Gregory's latest book is focused on the same subject as the ANA's recent Annual Conference. In fact, Jim has been writing about this "new approach" for quite some time now. Marketing accountability has finally achieved its rightful status as the top priority of marketers across the country and across the world.

At CoreBrand however, marketing ROI has been our top priority for the past 15 years; since 1990 we have been building a database called the Corporate Branding Index® that contains a wealth of information on over 1200 companies, which we use to minimize the weaknesses and maximize the strengths of corporate brands.

In his new book, Driving Brand Equity and Accountability, published by the ANA and sponsored by Barron's, Jim outlines how companies can utilize the index to achieve the high levels of accountability that are already the norm outside of the marketing department. Through a careful examination of the influence the corporate brand has on business results and financial performance we can better understand these relationships and thus find the drivers that are most effective at leveraging the brand.

The importance of implementing a proven system of monitoring results has been demonstrated again and again. Jim cites a recent national study featured in Marketing Today which suggests that companies that do not measure their marketing results spend only two-thirds of their annual marketing budget, vs. almost 100% at firms that do measure results. Additionally, companies that measure their marketing efforts are far more satisfied with the results and more likely to increase their marketing budget. Driving Brand Equity illustrates the value of quantitatively measuring marketing expenditures and treating the corporate brand like a financial asset.

- Tom Nadolski tnadolski@corebrand.com

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