Marketing Accountability at the ANA Conference

October 16, 2005

First of all, I have to start off by saying that this years annual ANA conference was the best I have ever been to -- and I’ve been to a few. It was really a thrill for me that the two main themes were building successful brands and marketing accountability, because brand building has been CoreBrand's mission for the past 25+ years and marketing accountability has been our most valuable tool.

There was more than one speaker who made the point that the analytics are not the answer in and of themselves, rather they are powerful tools that can help your company efficiently focus its resources. "No one was ever healed by a thermometer" was how Gordon Wade of The EMM Group put it. Focusing too much on gathering the data can reduce the effectiveness of the analysis and implementation of that data, and when that happens the results suffer. That's why at CoreBrand we used a proven system of intelligence, strategy, communication and management to systematically build brands.

We’ve invested 15 years in building our database and metrics, because of this we are well positioned to help clients come to terms with accountability in their marketing departments. At CoreBrand, a large part of our job is helping our clients understand and implement our findings, but those who understand the potential of ROMI are the ones who benefit the most. So the focus now should be on understanding how to effectively implement the information provided by the metrics.

CMO's that are able to show tangible results for marketing dollars are in a much better position to increase their budgets, as well as keep their job longer than the industry average of 23 months. Additionally, the constantly evolving media environment will only increase the need to hold marketing accountable as each company searches for the media mix that works best for them. By providing a clear picture of crucial decisions, such as determining break-even points for communication spending, accountability metrics possess the ability to transform marketing from an expense into an investment.

- James R. Gregory

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