Video storytelling: Worth more than a thousand words

September 10, 2013

The art of storytelling has been passed down through generations. Stories have the unique ability to teach us, to make us feel connected and to express an idea in a compelling, believable way.

As consumers of information in a complex digital world, the use of video to tell stories is all around us. Our phones. Our iPads. Facebook, Youtube, and most recently Instagram, with its bite-sized tales. Never before has storytelling through video been more important to building strong brands. Capturing real moments with real people is a powerful way to express the essence of a brand.

A perfect example are five videos we recently produced for the launch of Generation Ready, an education consultant that helps to turn around struggling schools. The stories featured in these videos—from teachers, principals, and superintendents— truly bring the brand to life and show the dedication that goes into the work that Generation Ready does everyday. I can honestly say that there wasn't a dry eye at the brand launch as these videos were showing.

Another example is the work we recently completed for the CFA Institute as they celebrated 50 years of their charter program. Partnering with the CFA marketing department, we created a series of videos that each told a Charterholder's story of professional and personal success.

Creating more emotional content for CFA was new territory for them and certainly showed off an important aspect to their globally-respected brand. Below are 3 of the videos featured on the 50th Anniversary website. Each tell a compelling story of people and connections and truth.

Visit these and other videos on the CFA Institute celebrate site:

These kind of stories are what help build brands today. There are no scripts. No stylists. No actors. There are only the real experiences of real people in the age-old tradition of telling a good story.

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