Patterns in branding

June 20, 2013


Recently, I was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art visiting the new Islamic Art wing. At the heart of this exhibit is a Moroccan courtyard, where you can sit and take in the meticulously-crafted designs in the architecture. I was immediately inspired by the lively patterns that surrounded me and began to think about the importance of patterns in branding.


In fashion, brands have always used patterns as essential brand elements. The Missoni zigzag, Paul Smith’s stripes, and the Burberry tartan are examples of globally recognized brand patterns. Some might even argue that these patterns are more recognizable than their accompanying logos.

Patterns play an important role in brand recognition, helping to create a look that is both iconic and playful. Mohawk Paper’s recently updated identity is an example of patterns taking on a key role in the overall brand expression. The use of the logo in a series of colorful patterns is bold, unexpected and instantly memorable.


A brand is much more than just a logo. Colorful patterns that inspire are all around us and certainly help to inform how we build strong, memorable brand expressions.

For more info on the Moroccan courtyard at the Met:

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