A new American. Indeed.

January 18, 2013

After what seems like an endless stream of ho-hum brand launches (AIG, USA Today, Microsoft, etc.), I was thrilled to see the new American Airlines brand.

American Airlines plane - new brand

In stark contrast to the current trend of flat colors and generic geometric shapes, the new American logo is just the right combination of concept and dimension. With a clear nod to the brand’s history, this revitalized logo is fresh and modern, while being instantly iconic at the same time. It really is quite an accomplishment.

American Airlines - new logo

Now, all eyes will be on American Airlines as they extend their new brand into interior spaces and the overall customer experience. The crisp, clean new website is certainly an indication of good things to come.

While the launch video is a little long, it’s incredibly well done and definitely worth watching. Seeing such an iconic American brand evolve over the years is both inspiring and exciting.

American Airlines site home page

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