The new jcp

February 23, 2012

OK, I’ll admit it—I’m obsessed with the new jcpenney brand. Reimagining an American icon is never easy and this is one of the most exciting transformations I’ve ever seen. I can already hear people saying “Wanna go to jcp?”. Pretty interesting stuff.

how the logo will look on the february catalog

The logo is simple, clean, bold—and entirely American. The concept of “Fresh air” and “Fair and square” is a brilliant brand message clearly evident in the logo design and overall visual system. The advertising campaign (print, online and especially TV) is charming, whimsical and full of personality. As someone who has spent many Saturdays at Target and feels more comfortable shopping at Macy’s or Lord & Taylor, I never thought I’d be exploring jcpenney’s Facebook and YouTube pages. It just goes to show that if you create a brand that people care about, social media will follow. It’s actually a pretty simple strategy, but one that is very difficult to achieve.

Now, I’m left wondering if the store and the customer experience will be able to catch up with the new brand expression. I’m certainly excited to watch the evolution of this brand and find out. I think I’ll even take a trip to the store this Saturday. Sorry Target.

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