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June 6, 2011

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This year marks a milestone in the history of Brandlogic. We are kicking off the celebration of our 35th anniversary. To better reflect our heritage, reaffirm our commitment to clients and articulate our ambitions for the future, we are updating our brand. Over our history, our firm has grown through many changes, but none more important than our recent move to become a 100% employee-owned company. At the same time, our founder Wynn Medinger became Chairman, I assumed the role of CEO and Managing Partner and we appointed Dan Dyksen as Senior Partner and Creative Director. During this transition, I set a very simple and clear goal: to continue building an enduring organization that is committed to doing the highest-quality work for our corporate and institutional clients. To do this, our mission remains steadfast — deliver ideas that drive performance. By addressing the wide array of branding challenges companies face, including emerging priorities that are reshaping brands, we create real value for the organizations we serve. Our new brand embraces this performance focus and expresses the firm’s culture, strategic thinking, creativity and technology prowess. As part of our brand launch, today’s release of our inaugural Sustainability Leadership Report reflects our commitment to helping clients grapple with new issues. This report, and the suite of capabilities and knowledge behind it, captures the essence of our belief in how organizations should use their brands to lead and create value. As Brandlogic steps forward, we are more excited than ever to help build great brands for great organizations. We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you, now and in the future.


Hampton Bridwell
CEO and Managing Partner
Brandlogic Corporation

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