Bringing your brand to China

April 20, 2011

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending an executive briefing on the business environment in China held by The Conference Board. David Hoffman, a veteran in business issues within China, led the meeting with a compelling look into the economic, social and political dynamics that drive business in the country. Based on the presentation by Mr. Hoffman, it is without question that multi-national corporations and smaller enterprises are still welcome to China, but the operational dynamics are changing rapidly in this fluid environment. The most interesting insight was the importance of having a strong value proposition for your company as it contemplates activity in China. Unlike value propositions for North American markets, Mr. Hoffman recommends a strategy of intimate dialogue with state or local sponsors that can help determine the right fit for your company and the value that it can bring to China. The implications for brands and brand strategies are subtle but very important. The strategies used in mature, Western markets are probably not a good fit. Specifically, the master-brand technique that drives most multi-nationals could be hard for Chinese politicians to accept. In this regard, brand platforms, brand architecture, value propositions, messaging, design and creative strategies need to be honed, aligned and purposeful for the Chinese market and political dynamics. The only way to do this is with a tactful, listening approach to the needs of the market. And if done right, the opportunity for success is enormous. The next round of policy changes in China are about to unfold in the 12th Five Year Plan and a transition to new leadership. As such it is a great time to look at how your corporate brand value proposition and portfolio can be aligned to succeed in this fast-paced economy.

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