Integrated corporate reporting: Articulating the whole picture

April 14, 2010

We found it interesting that Harvard Business School published an article this week touting the benefits of integrating financial and non-financial (social responsibility and sustainability) information into one corporate report, a method referred to as One Report. This idea echoes BrandLogic's method of 360 Degree Reporting, which our president Hampton Bridwell wrote about previously in this 2007 article. Reputation and brand, which are strongly influenced by a company's actions on economic, environmental and social performance, are increasingly affecting corporate financial performance. So today, as companies' investors and stakeholders look for deeper information beyond financial statements, the idea of an integrated corporate report is extremely relevant. Which companies do you feel are doing a good job of integrated reporting? Read the Harvard Business School Working Knowledge article "One Report: Better Strategy through Integrated Reporting." Read the BrandLogic article "360 Degree Annual Reports: Helping intangible assets have real world impact."

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