Denis Riney quoted about Toyota on Advertising Age

March 8, 2010

A March 8 article in Advertising Age featured a quote from Denis Riney, EVP Marketing at BrandLogic, on Toyota’s tarnished brand following the automaker’s recent product recall due to faulty braking mechanisms. According to Riney, Toyota's "brand is damaged. It's in crisis. At least for a year, you'll see some negative rub-off on other properties and people that associate with it." The article discusses the phenomenon of product integration in TV programs, and the new dynamic created when crises arise involving a specific marketer or brand. The particular example cited in the article is Toyota’s product-placement deal with ABC’s “Modern Family” for the entire 2009-2010 season, coinciding with the automaker’s massive recall of several car models. BrandLogic has helped several brands recover from crises, including Texaco, Merck and Click to read the Advertising Age article.

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