Patience is the art of hoping.

November 25, 2009

The partial unveiling of the new AOL identity earlier this week produced many smiles, snickers and rather nasty blog posts, but few moments of reflection in the brand community. How do we explain our rush to judgment for the new AOL logo, compliments of Wolff Olins?

AOL new logo design

Should we not be the first to advise others to wait until the full program is launched, to assess the value of the logo on its ability to support the brand expression, to take the time to understand how the visual identity fits within the business strategy. Branding 101, no? Shame on us for throwing away sound branding principles to enjoy a fleeting, childish moment of pleasure! Someone wrote that patience is the art of hoping. While early critics might be right about AOL (or should I be writing Aol.) , I am opting to wait patiently until December 10th and hope to be filled with delight and admiration! If that does not happen, I can always stroll up the avenue from Times-Warner to check out the new Apple store and watch a real brand in action! Either way, patience will have paid off!

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