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September 24, 2009

jQuery is an open source JavaScript library that makes writing Rich Internet Applications easier. BrandLogic uses jQuery extensively in our products and our client sites to make user experience as rich as possible. So, when jQuery held a conference for 300 Web developers and designers in Boston at the Microsoft New England Research and Development Center, I wanted to be a part of it.

meeting-1 jQuery Team meeting: John Resig (creator of jQuery), Richard D. Worth (jQuery UI Release Manager), Ariel Flesler (Core jQuery Developer), and Ralph Whitbeck (BrandLogic, Senior Engineer) amongst others not shown, brainstorming ideas to give back to the jQuery Community

The conference was preceded by two days of team meetings. I was honored to be part of these meetings and share my experience in meeting the needs of our organization and our clients, as well as my expertise on Web design. jQuery is currently developing a new process and site to hold jQuery plugins, and I hope to help out. The plugin repository will be a huge improvement over the existing site and will feature a number of enhancements to help incoming developers pick relevant plugins for use in their client work and projects. Another area where I am going to get involved is documenting the plugins for the jQuery UI project. The project has a small number of developers maintaining an ever-growing number of plugins. Their time is crunched in supporting these plugins and their documentation. Consequently, demos have taken a back seat. This is where my skills, developed at BrandLogic, will be useful to make the project stronger and fill in gaps where sorely needed.

Programs-1 Final preparations to the conference check-in desk. 300 programs designed by BrandLogic sit waiting to be handed out to attendees.

The Conference was held September 12th and 13th. BrandLogic was happy to donate design and project management time to produce an elegant conference program that was well received.

program-2 Richard D. Worth (jQuery UI Release Manager) looks at the program designed by BrandLogic

I also had the opportunity to be a featured speaker at the Conference. My presentation to over 120 junior jQuery developers explained what jQuery is and how to use it. You can view my slides on Slideshare. The highlight of my talk was when I invited the conference’s special guests, Jamie Gillar and John Cicolella, students from Spotwood High School in New Jersey, to come up and demonstrate their school Web site project built using jQuery and plugins from the jQuery UI project. They did a wonderful job and were well received.

talk Ralph Whitbeck (me) gives his jQuery talk to a crowded room of about 120 people.

All in all, the conference was a huge success with contributions coming in from companies and individuals alike. We were very happy to be a part of it. Next month, I’ll be in Toronto at the Stack Overflow Dev Days Conference to give another talk on jQuery. Additionally, jQuery will be holding four more conferences - in San Francisco, London, Boston and online – next year. I am looking forward to continuing my involvement with the organization and hope to speak at one (or all!!!) of these conferences. Did you hear me speak or are you a jQuery fan? If so, I would like to hear your feedback about our contribution…

photos by Jörn Zaefferer

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