Our belief in brand has reached new heights this season.

Marketers have a remarkable opportunity to build the brands that shape culture, change lives and have a positive impact on the world. Here's how to get started!

Take 5

Our favorite takeaways from the AMA Bringing the Future Forward webcast to inspire you.

  1. “[Marketers] have to speak the language of business. You have to understand your other functions. You have to understand the business strategy. You have to understand your value to the company. And you have to hire for that and train for that.”
    Jim Stengel – Former P&G CMO

  2. “Marketers are now in a position where we understand the customer more than anyone else in the company…We have the data to prove the efficacy and the ROI of our campaigns. But beyond that, I go into conversations and I know just as much if not more about the customer than the folks that are actually responsible for making the products for those customers.”
    John Travis – Adobe VP Brand Marketing

  3. “You have the birth of ESG in the corporate world. You have the young, purposeful kids who care, and then you have the big, corporate behemoths who are now being held to these standards about environmental and social goals.”
    Shelly Lazarus – Ogilvy Chairman Emeritus

  4. “The gift of the idea…is the glue that brings everything together and inspires people and makes them want to come to work each day…If you don't have an idea, forget about everything else.”
    Shelly Lazarus – Ogilvy Chairman Emeritus

  5. “I fear marketers are about to waste a magnificent opportunity…I wonder where is the marketer who is working on the story we tell ourselves about carbon, and where is the marketer who is working on how we understand the shifts in our culture so that we can get back to living in a world of civil discourse, and where is the marketer who is building the next generation that will challenge the monopolists like Google and Facebook. These are marketing decisions.”
    Seth Godin – Best-selling author

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