Travis Hardiman

Travis Hardiman

Senior Programmer

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19 Cambridge Street
Rochester, NY 14607

(585) 203-9364

I am your right-hand man. Diamonds have been crushed by lesser pressures than those facing our clients. That we take pride in our work, at Tenet Partners, is a given. That’s who we are. But how that pride extends to an unwavering attention to details is at the core of the value I am able to deliver to clients. I have always been an easy-going, flexible programmer who loves to take my colleagues’ concepts and translate them into elegant code, with the proficiency and efficiency of a well-oiled machine.

With a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from RIT, with concentration in multimedia and psychology, I have built a strong reputation for solving problems, big and small, methodically. I have worked on a wide assortment of web and interactive solutions over the years, for the most amazing set of clients: Xerox, Texaco, Wyeth, St. John’s University, Becton Dickinson, UBS, The Hartford, Pepsi, GE, IBM, BASF and Chevron. For every one of these companies, my approach is the same: listen, understand what the ultimate business goal is and chart the course with purpose.

My commitment to technology extends beyond work, purposely. I am passionate about performance and adhering to current web standards. I have made contributions to jQuery, Mozilla, HTML5 Boilerplate and other various open source organizations.

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