Larry Oakner

Larry Oakner

Senior Partner, Employee & Customer Engagement

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Whether a company is B2B or B2C, how their employees interact with the company’s customers truly defines their brand. Translate a brand into each employee’s daily behaviors, and it really comes to life. With my past experience at firms such as Siegel & Gale and Interbrand, I’ve learned to focus on solving a client’s business challenges, not just sell services. Branding’s only a sliver of a client’s job. To us, it’s everything.

I’m proud of the work we did at CoreBrand to rebrand McGraw-Hill Education’s Everyday Mathematics, and the training we did to help ING’s employees engage with their brand, because these projects made a quantifiable difference to their businesses. With an M.A. in English from UCLA, and forty years of writing advertising and branding, I merge my creativity with my strategic thinking to make some creative leaps that lead to excellent strategic solutions for clients.

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