James Cerruti

James Cerruti

Senior Partner, Strategy & Research

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20 Marshall Street, 1st Floor
Norwalk, CT 06854

(203) 423-0791

Finding growth opportunities…positioning the business and the brand for competitive advantage…sorting out portfolio strategies…measuring marketing effectiveness. These are all strategic challenges marketing leaders face today. And, as a corporate marketing executive and a management consultant, solving these types of challenges is what has excited me throughout my career.

With a background in corporate business, marketing and brand strategy, my mission is to uncover the insights to craft the actionable strategies and programs that will enable our clients to attract new customers and investors and secure their loyalty.

I love every step of the journey we take with our clients. Together, we discover, organize and communicate around the truly unique experiences and value they can bring to their customer relationships, which can, in turn, drive investor enthusiasm.

I am proud to have led multi-disciplined teams as we charted the path forward for clients as diverse as State Street, PwC, Legrand, D&B, Matrix Service, Munich Re, Boston Scientific, Hyundai Kia, Mastercard, Siemens and Remy Cointreau to achieve outstanding marketing, brand and business results.

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