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David Garcia

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How do you take that single, big idea and bring it to life?

I have been answering that question for the past 20 years: expressing brand strategies through beautiful, memorable, yet sensible creative solutions. From identities for new Mastercard products and services, to award-winning packaging for Paramount Citrus that makes a real emotional connection, to a complete visual system and retail environment for Found Animals’ Adopt & Shop brand, we’ve created lasting designs to enable our clients to stand above the crowd.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed partnering with a range of clients, including ACE Insurance, Visa, United States Golf Association, Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Long Beach Airport. I’ve worked at branding firms in San Francisco, New York and Minneapolis. And although each project has been unique, what’s common is the enduring creative work and strong relationships I’ve built with clients – often times lasting several years. That’s what keeps me motivated.

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