Brad Puckey

Brad Puckey

Partner, CoreBrand Analytics

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I have worked with our clients since the inception of our measurement practice more than 20 years ago, to help them understand the power of their brand and the business opportunities associated with it. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the journey: from when we assessed the impact of advertising on stock performance for GE to, today, as we explore the influence of social media on the brand. Where some might only see numbers, I see the foundation for innovative strategies as brands evolve in complex, rapidly evolving markets.

It’s exciting to be part of our teams of smart colleagues and future-focused clients and have a hand at charting the course for market-leading companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Cisco Systems and Transamerica. At every turn, our focus is on the role of the brand as a key contributor to business success. I am constantly re-energized to continue to look for creative ways to identify and measure brand value and seek new avenues to optimize its power as an enabler of business growth.

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