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Alex DiMaio


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As a type A planner, I'm an unusual one in the design department. I'm as much at peace discussing the Unicorn Tapestries from the Gothic period as I am spec-ing out 16 variants of that unicorn emoji you'll need for every application.

Over a decade of managing conceptual and creative work for fashion brands, newspaper media, movie advertising, and nonprofits has given me the perspective to see where design meets business and form meets function. I have been fortunate enough to work with numerous creative and production teams to conceptualize new ideas; art direct, staff and execute photoshoots; proof and traffic large creative campaigns across North America and manage multiple projects which required a unique blend of creative, analytical and technical skills from concept development through client delivery.

As a designer at Tenet, I'm proud to be part of the Mastercard team, bringing a great new visual identity to life across thousands of applications.

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