Brandlogic and CoreBrand come together as Tenet Partners

Fast-paced advances in customer-driven technology, expanded responsibilities for marketing executives and the rise of the Empowered Consumer have dramatically challenged branding as a pure marketing and communications discipline. Combined with increasingly commoditized competition among brand consultants, the time is ripe for a company that can create truly customer-focused brand innovations.

Tenet Partners was formed in November 2014, when the brand consulting firm formerly known as Brandlogic combined with CoreBrand to create a brand innovation and marketing firm that offers customer insights, brand strategy, design, marketing, engagement and technology services under one roof. Each firm brought 40 years of experience helping global clients solve their most critical branding and marketing problems. Tenet continues its shared philosophical legacy of creating and executing practical solutions to branding, technology and marketing applications for the world’s best organizations.

Brandlogic: branding meets technology

The genesis of Brandlogic was the company JMK, founded in 1977 by Wynn Medinger and his partners. With IBM as its first client, the firm became internationally known for its design excellence. Working in collaboration with Paul Rand and other design leaders at IBM, JMK was a key player in the growth of IBM during the 1980s and 1990s. During the Internet boom of the ‘90s, JMK merged with Navistream, a digital agency founded by Larry Roth and Hampton Bridwell, to form Brandlogic. Their combined vision was to create a brand consulting firm that would be the most technologically capable firm in the industry. Within the first year, Brandlogic had completed major digital branding assignments for J.P. Morgan, Xerox and Merrill Lynch. A highlight was the creation of Brand Ensemble for Texaco, the most advanced digital brand management system ever produced. During the next decade and a half, Brandlogic served as the brand agency for Becton Dickinson, Merck, Avon, Smithsonian, Chevron, John Deere, Munich Re and Amgen.

CoreBrand’s measurable difference

CoreBrand was originally established by James R. Gregory and Evelyn Clyburne, who formed Gregory & Clyburne in 1973. Initially an advertising agency, the firm migrated to the name Corporate Branding as it evolved from advertising to consulting on issues of corporate measurement, positioning and strategic communications. Andrew Bogucki and an ambitious corporate identity design team joined the firm in 1997, forming CoreBrand Communications. Shortly thereafter the two names were consolidated to CoreBrand. At about the same time, the company received a game-changing assignment to answer a question posed by legendary CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch. He wanted to know how advertising impacts the image and value of the GE corporate brand. Jim and his team set out to answer that question, which led to the creation of what is now known as the CoreBrand Index®. Established as a quantitative benchmark tracking system with a proprietary model correlating the corporate brand to market capitalization, the CoreBrand Index has emerged as the most reputable, stable and predictive approach to brand valuation and measurement of marketing performance. Over its 40-year history, CoreBrand created, managed and measured brands for many of the world’s great corporations including The Reader’s Digest Association, Mastercard, Toshiba, The Hartford, Cisco Systems, Fortune Brands, Chubb, AT&T, D&B and A.P. Moeller-Maersk.

Challenging the way industry thinks

Uncovering innovative areas of opportunity and helping organizations better understand how being brand-centric is good for business – these are a core ethos of Tenet Partners. Our history of thought leadership includes a series of books written by Jim Gregory published and distributed globally by McGraw-Hill on the subject of corporate brand building including: Marketing Corporate Image and The Best of Branding. Numerous white papers are published annually in academic and industry publications. Most recently, the Association of National Advertisers published: The Brand Laboratory – Observations of Advertising Spending on Brand Performance. Leading edge studies are published throughout the year. Among these are: The Top 100 Most Powerful Brands and The Sustainability Leadership Report, among others.

Driving innovations for clients and customers

Starting in 2014, Tenet now brings both our deep experience and a proven track record of our legacy to client assignments. With a customer-centered focus, our combined strengths offer broader, deeper value to our clients. Our promise is to ensure we always offer the right expertise for the right solutions across every industry we serve and for every customer served by our clients. We promise superior results across the spectrum of our services: research, strategy, design, technology, communications, analytics, employee engagement and brand management and measurement.

Our rich history as innovators and pioneers who created many firsts in our industry continues on in Tenet. By bringing together the rich set of talented people, knowledge and technology platforms, the firm is well positioned to continue driving innovations for clients and customers in the years ahead.

Brandlogic and CoreBrand have become Tenet Partners — Where brand meets innovation®. More